Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Does Anybody Even Read My Blog?

I started Technospinach about 3 years ago, with the goal of posting cool stuff I found around the Internet. And then, predictably (like Hollywood [that post is an old shame of mine]) I got bored. And Technospinach lay dormant for a while.
Then, Blogger came out with Stats! (or at least, I realized they existed.) And lo and behold, Technospinach had been doing pretty well for itself! (Well, at least better than a blog of this caliber would be expected to do.)
It seemed that somehow, people searching for "steampunk robots" and "creepy spiders" with Google or Bing would eventually hit on my blog, namely those exact posts. And out of the few who did, even fewer reposted the images on their own websites. Especially the steampunk spider, which I honestly didn't make.
And out of the people who did trawl those steampunk galleries, once in a while one of them would hit on a little steampunk spider, follow a link, and find this blog.
Then they would stay for about ten seconds.
No, seriously! I'm guessing that once they realized the content I had up at that point wasn't very interesting, people left quickly, and never returned.
But... (there's always a "but")
Does anyone actually read this blog? Did anyone rejoice when I returned to posting occasionally? Does anyone sit in front of their monitors, refreshing and refreshing, hoping that the elusive Technospinach will once again make a post?
I really, really hope that somebody is.
And since that hypothetical someone went through all the trouble of reading this excessively long-winded post, here's a picture I took of Los Angeles!

Aren't you special.

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